Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ayn Rands fans - Voices of Reason at the G 20

Voices of Reason at the G 20 - to see more from the hero of this story visit: is a tiny part, showing the enlightened side, from channel 10 coverage in Israel for the G20 riotes.

"We went out today to the G20 protests in London, to fight for the side of Capitalism, because we live in a mixed-economy, full of regulations which steered us into this mess. This article on the event does a very good job of summarising our point: should note, however, that there were not "hundreds" of us as this article makes out. We were ten strong at best. We put on a damn good show though, I thought, and we attracted a lot of attention.I'm all geared up for Tax-Freedom Day now.Find out more here:

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