Thursday, April 16, 2009

From the coordinator of the Golden Gate Objectivists

Yesterday, about a dozen of us participated in the Tax Day Tea Party in SanFrancisco. We showed up with flags, and a half dozen coordinated posters. Iwould guess about 600-800 people were at the event, which was very peacefuland outright beautiful, on a nice sunny day in a wonderful setting.
We all felt it was great to be out there, speaking our minds - and most ofall, getting the message about Ayn Rand and the Ayn Rand Center out to areceptive audience. All of us had numerous people come up to us throughoutthe event, talking about how Ayn Rand should be read by everybody. I had achance to make a few brief comments - and received loud cheers at themention of Ayn Rand, and her quote about taking up the moral fight forcapitalism. We also passed out about 200 flyers, promoting Atlas Shruggedand ARC editorials on the financial crisis and Ayn Rand's relevance - tovery receptive recipients.
Overall, I think this was a very successful first event for the re-launchedGGO - and I look forward to doing more of these, and having more of youparticipate.
Enjoy the attached photos, as well as a short amateur video we shot &edited.

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