Thursday, April 16, 2009

CNN visit to a Tea Party

Susan Roesgen (alleged reporter for alleged news channel CNN) visit to a Chicago Tea Party -The news that the news doesnt take the news seriously is not news. Susan and the CNN Just can't (UNDER)stand it...

From hot air Blog:
A seamless conclusion to the smear job heard ’round the world, thanks to some amazingly fortuitous timing by Founding Bloggers. On a day when the grassroots came out to protest the establishment, it’s fitting that a small indie outfit like FB would end up putting the screws to CNN this way. What’s most striking is how savvy the protesters are about the game Roesgen’s playing: They know exactly why she zeroed in on the guy with the Obama/Hitler sign, and it ain’t because of his grasp of economics. Stick with it until the end or else you’ll miss the astounding nerve of this disingenuous moron, who just spent three minutes on national television sneering at the people around her, to say to the woman who’s yelling at her, “You know, you really don’t need to be so antagonistic.”

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and: (UPDATED) Founding Bloggers Exclusive! Our Footage Of The CNN Chicago Tea Party Throwdown

EL Rider wrote: (16, 2009 8:46 am) "I was standing in that crowd taking photographs, Susan from TASS, er CNN was a joke. She clearly had an agenda to make people attending that event look bad so she found the guy with a picture of Obama made up as Hitler and then interupted an interviewee with tax advice. What the? Taking tax advice from a journalist could lead to prison. Ms. Roesgen is also clearly not bright enough to understand either the link between taxation and freedom or the reality of the current fiscal situation.
I posted some thoughts and photos of the incident yesterday but I will embed your video and link to this page, thanks for the great follow-up video!"

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