Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jonathan Hoenig with Ayn Rand in the background!


  1. I cant stand it when the republicans use ayn rand as some sort of backing for their ideology. She was for free capitalism, not greed, corruption and a party so ethically void, it bears no responsibility in cleaning up the mess they have created

  2. The Tea Party is a conservatve libertarian movement, not a republican movement. The republicans have tried to highjack the movement, just as the likes of Michael Moore have tried to the Occupy movement; believing capitalism to be the problem (most occupiers do not). Our economic woes were cause from an amalgamation of problems from both major political parties. As soon as people realize that left, and right, are two social ideologies that really should have little effect on fiscal policy, then we can get over ourselves. As it is, Ayn Rand's objectivism is a perfect ideological match for tea party beliefs. Crony capitalism, is just a much a problem as government regulation and earmarks. If you ask me, the whole legislative branch needs to be restructured.